Months of the Year Personalized Emergent Reader

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Months of the Year emergent readers meet editable name books! Beginning readers will love seeing their own name on every page of their little months book. The repetitive text and easy-to-recognize pictures will ensure their success.



These books are easy prep for you. Just type each student’s name once, and the names will automatically fill in on every page of the book. There’s no re-ordering of pages – everything prints out ready to just cut and staple.




The books print half-page size, and each booklet is 13 single-sided pages long (one page for each month, plus a “year” page at the end. They are black and white, and perfect for coloring in. Use these whole class or in small groups, and then send them home for additional practice.

The book supports the introduction of these sight words: sees, a, in, the, all


The text reads as follows, with picture support for each month’s illustration (view the preview file to see all of them!):


[Name] sees a snowman in January.

[Name] sees hearts in February.

[Name] sees a rainbow in March.

[Name] sees a kite in April.

[Name] sees flowers in May.

[Name] sees ice cream in June.

[Name] sees fireworks in July.

[Name] sees the beach in August.

[Name] sees leaves in September.

[Name] sees pumpkins in October.

[Name] sees a turkey in November.

[Name] sees presents in December.

[Name] sees friends all year long.


 ==> By request, I have also added a Canadian version too. The July page has children wearing Canadian flag sweaters, October has a turkey, and November features children holding poppies



You'll get a zipped folder containing pdf files for the main version, the one student version, and the Canadian version. Just unzip it, and you're ready to go!

All you need to edit student names is Adobe Reader (which is free, and there’s a link to it in the file just in case you don’t have it already)


The fonts shown are already embedded in the resource. You won’t have to download any fonts. The file is ready to go! Please note that this means you also cannot change the fonts.


The form where you type student names has space for 8 names, however, you can create an unlimited number of personalized readers by reusing the file over and over again.


Long names such as Charlotte and Christopher will fit perfectly, and even longer names will automatically squeeze themselves in with a smaller font size.


For distance learning, you'll also find a version for just 1 child that can be read on a screen or printed out.


Here's a preview of the main file:

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is a digital download. You will receive the product in your email as a pdf file to download. 

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