Editable Name Tracing Worksheets

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These name tracing worksheets let you type in any student name you wish. First, students trace their name and color the initial sound pictures for "their" letter. Then, they practice tracing their name and "reading" the sentences.



 Type each name only once, and the rest auto-fills.

  • There are worksheets for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Send these fridge-worthy pages home for further practice and review.
  • All pages are in black & white.
  • Includes instructions and an organizer page.



All you need to edit student names is Adobe Reader (which is free, and there’s a link to it in the file just in case you don’t have it already)


The fonts shown are already embedded in the resource. You won’t have to download any fonts. The file is ready to go! Please note that this means you also cannot change the fonts.


You can create an unlimited number of worksheets by reusing the file over and over again, year after year.


Long names such as Charlotte and Christopher will fit perfectly. Extremely long names will cause the line to print in a smaller font.



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