Months of the Year Activities & Worksheets

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This engaging Months of the Year activity pack include games, mini-calendars, and adorable months of the year hats. There are also worksheets to practice writing month names, numbers, and dates.



All of these months of the year activities, except the calendars and crowns, come in both color and black & white versions. They’ll work well laminated so you can use them year after year.


Skills covered:

• Recognizing and reading month names

• Identifying holidays and activities associated with each month

• Reading and writing ordinal numbers

• Writing the date in long and short form

• Sorting the months in order




☑ Worksheets for each month - color and black & white versions (12 pages color + 12 pages black & white)


☑ Printable Months of the Year paper crowns – cut and paste through the year 2029 (3 pages)


☑ Tracing pages with matching cards – students flip a card over, then find that month to trace. All the illustrations relate to that month. There are also plain cards to practice reading the months as sight words (5 pages color + 5 pages in black & white)


☑ Board game – students move around the year and then advance to a new year every time they pass January (3 pages color + 3 pages black & white)


☑ Mini-Calendars for 2024 and 2025 including a page for students to write their birthday and other important dates. (6 pages total)


☑ Concentration game – students match the month name with the month number (4 pages color + 4 pages black & white)


☑ I Have Who Has games – One set of cards has students read the month names and identify the ordinal numbers for each month. The other set has students identify the months of some major holidays as well. (4 pages color + 4 pages black & white)


☑ Teacher instructions and detailed table of contents with page numbers (2 pages)