Hole Punch Letter Worksheets

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These 26 alphabet hole punching worksheets give students practice recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters and their initial sounds. They also engage children with a fun hole punching activity – great for hand strengthening and improving fine motor skills.




These letter worksheets include a page for each letter of the alphabet, and address 5 skills:


1. Recognizing letter shapes

2. Tracing letter shapes

3. Identifying uppercase and lowercase letters

4. Learning common initial sounds

5. Practicing letter discrimination


As students finish the five strips for each letter, they punch that letter on their tracking sheet.



This printable pack also includes a page of pre-primer sight words: and, is, see, for, look


Students hole punch the letters of each word, as well as dots on a related picture. Then, they can read a short sentence using the picture as a clue. Finally, they can trace the word in pencil.



28 pages total – all you need is a basic hole punch!


- Alphabet activity hole punching sheets (26 pages)

- Pre-primer sight word sheet (1 page)

- Progress tracking sheet (1 page)


All the worksheets are black and white.


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