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This digital download of early literacy printables includes 40 fun, hands-on activities. Each week has a different theme: Outdoor Fun, Habitats, On the Go (Transportation), and Summer Five Senses.


These early literacy resources are easy to use and differentiate. Your preschoolers can prepare for the upcoming school year while your kindergartners will review concepts to prevent the summer slide.

Your kids will…

  • Work on letter recognition and formation
  • Practice pre-reading skills including identifying beginning sounds and syllables
  • Develop fine motor and visual discrimination skills
  • And much more!


Here's a peek at just about every resource in the bundle, week by week and day by day:




What's Included

Each weekly theme includes 2 printable activities per day, overview pages with a weekly supply list, book recommendations, and additional resources. You'll get detailed instructions for each activity and a simple recording sheet for most of the activities.

Outdoor Fun (Week 1)

o  Day 1: Gardening

o  Day 2: Camping

o  Day 3: Picnic

o  Day 4: Beach 

o  Day 5: Fishing



Habitats (Week 2)

o  Day 1: Rainforest

o  Day 2: Pond

o  Day 3: Desert

o  Day 4: Forest

o  Day 5: Ocean



On the Go (Week 3)

o  Day 1: Cars

o  Day 2: Airplane

o  Day 3: Boat

o  Day 4: Train

o  Day 5: Bike



Summer Five Senses (Week 4)

o  Day 1: Taste

o  Day 2: See

o  Day 3: Hear

o  Day 4: Smell

o  Day 5: Touch


By purchasing all 4 weeks at once, you can get the entire bundle for 20% off. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email or social media.

Happy Teaching!

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Get Ready to Read Camp Full Bundle